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The TransWorld Development Initiatives (TWDI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, worldwide independent charity organization dedicated to the service of humanity through selfless, innovative and compassionate service. Our integrated approach enables us to work in close partnership with local, national and international groups to identify local specific needs.

Editorial Columns

Truth and Consciousness
with Dr. Magnus A. Azuine

What is the meaning of Truth (Part I)?

This article is primarily concerned with truth as it is used in the evaluation of propositions, sentences, and similar items. For example, the sentence "3 is less than 4 is true" is an evaluation of the sentence "3 is less than 4". Science, law, religion and other endeavors, seek to discover which things are true. The study of truth itself is part of philosophical logic, and within philosophy it is of special interest to metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of language.
Global Perspectives
with Santiago Montalvo

Religion and Politics

I think that this is confused more than understood. Religion in the Marxian way means the religious temporal hierarchy. The temporal hierarchy then decides on what their faith shall be. The temporal hierarchy being part of the ruling class by granted status imposes a ruling class faith. So has been the history of mankind since the beginning of life. It gives rise to the sayings "Religion is the opiate of the masses”.

Science and Health

The ABC of Coronary Heart Disease

What is heart disease?

Coronary heart disease (CHD) happens when your arteries become narrowed by atherosclerosis. This causes a restriction in the supply of blood and oxygen supply to the heart, particularly when you exert yourself and the demands of the heart muscle increase.

House of Humor

Just Browsing

A Blind man and his seeing eye dog walked into a store. When he gets in, he starts swinging his dog around. Upset by this, the manager of the store demanded to know what he was doing. The blind man calmly replied, “I’m just lookin’ around”.



Hurricane Katrina

Hundreds of thousands of people who lived in the path of Hurricane Katrina have been displaced by the storm and the floods that followed. Many evacuees are staying in hotels or homes of friends and family, but thousands also have sought shelter in centers set up by the Red Cross...

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Helping Hand of the Month

Wangari Maathai.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2004 for contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace...

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The Peoples' Court Without Borders

King Mswati III of Swaziland

Shameless King with an Insatiable Lust for Virgins

Swaziland 's King Mswati III has chosen a 17-year-old girl to be his 13th wife at a traditional ceremony. His last bride - a teenage beauty queen who dropped out of school to become a princess.

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Save Children from King Mswati III

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Community Wish list

TWDI in pursuit of Community development is in the forefront of developing educational centers for the needy....

Operation Back with Love

At Cristuru Orphanage Center, Romania:
It was in this center that Kurt E. Seidenstucker found innermost peace and joy…. Serving the children in the orphanage center. TWDI and Kurt is going back and needs your help for the needy children …

Topic: Cultural vs. Universal Human Rights

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Date: October 4th

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